Failinger's Hotel Gunter

The historic Failingers Hotel Gunter, built in 1896 by William R. Percy and his son-in-law Gladstone Hitchens, opened New Year's Day 1897 as the Hotel Gladstone. This grand hotel boasted 100 rooms, a cafe, a barbershop, and a sample room for displaying traveling salesmen's wares. Guests were attended by bellboys in brown uniforms with smoked pearl buttons and a chef from New York. Tennis courts were located behind the hotel along with a petting farm where a tame fawn was kept. And from the 5th floor observatory, guests could scan the beautiful countryside. The unsuccessful venture was sold in 1903 to William Gunter. He installed a press tin ceiling, which was painted pea green and gray, in the barroom, and added a mahogany and marble bar with brass detailing. In early 1911, gas and electric lights were installed throughout the building. In 1925 the hotel was renamed the Hotel Gunter. The basement of the Hotel had unique features of its own including a jail and a game cock fighting arena. Prisoners transported over the "Old Train Road" (now Route 40) during the 1900's were housed in the basement jail while their jailers stayed upstairs in the Hotel rooms. In addition to being used for actual game cock fights, the cock arena was also used as a speakeasy during Prohibition. The Arion Band would play on the balcony of the hotel while booze was hustled through the back. Call 301-689-6511 for room availability and rates.

Failingers Hotel Gunter
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