Princess Restaurant

Princess Restaurant has been serving fine meals, at reasonable prices, for over 75 years.

George Pappas, Sr. first started the business in 1939. In the beginning, the business existed, primarily, as a confectionary with homemade candies and a “businessman's luncheon,” consisting of homemade soups, sandwiches, and fountain favorites.

In the mid1940s, George Pappas, Jr., joined his father in the restaurant business. It was during this time that additional changes started taking place; the confectionery candy cases were replaced with booths and tables and what started as soups and sandwiches quickly grew to full course meals.

In the early 1950s, President and Mrs. Harry Truman enjoyed dining here and left a legacy that will always be known as the “Truman booth.” George, Jr. and his wife Dorothy, became owners in 1963 and continued to operate the business until 1981. They, too, made structural changes in the restaurant and expanded the menu offerings and confections became limited to the Easter Season.

George W. Pappas and his wife Sheila acquired ownership in 1981. Together, they added a dining room to further accommodate the growing business. After countless years of ownership, George and Sheila were proud to welcome the help of their children in the family business.

For four generations, the Princess Restaurant is still carrying out the long-lasting tradition of being one of Allegany County's most popular restaurants.

Princess Restaurant
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